three years of cinematic resistance

Thursday, January 30, 2020
Museum of Human Achievement (916 Springdale)
Austin, Texas

Suggested admission: $5-10
(ALL PROCEEDS DONATED to Refugee Services of Texas)

Following F*CK TR*MP (2017), TR*MP TH*S! (2018) and WAKE AMERICA! (2019)…

Experimental Response Cinema presents OVER AND OUT, its third celebration of resistance to the policies of United States president #45!

Cathartic as well as a call to action, this screening of short films will address the current political landscape in ways both playful and incisive.

With it, we affirm creativity as a vital and needed clapback to lies, greed, bigotry and ignorance.

Featuring the film art of…

Alex Morelli

Sara Bliss

Daniel Robin

Lana Z Caplan

A. Moon

Adán De La Garza

Nicky Tavares

Caroline Rumley

Mike Hoolboom

Annie Miller

Johannes Gierlinger

Kristin Reeves

You’ll laugh

you’ll cry

you’ll vote him OUT November 3rd…


Image: KNEE JERK, Kerry Laitala and students in her Advanced Processing Workshop at the San Francisco Art Institute