Metaphors on Vision 3:
Brakhage + Marie Menken
Feb. 13

Spellerberg Projects, Masur Gallery
119 W San Antonio Street

Lockhart, TX (map)
Tuesday, Feb. 13
$7 general / $5 students

For the final screening of our tribute to Stan Brakhage and his republished Metaphors on Vision 1: Early Stan Brakhage (Feb. 11)).

Also featured will be two later films by Brakhage, one on 35mm film!

All other films presented on 16mm film.

Light Industry’s Thomas Beard will introduce the program.

There is no why for my making films. I just liked the twitters of the machine, and since it was an extension of painting for me, I tried it and loved it. In painting I never liked the staid and static, always looked for what would change the source of light and stance, using glitters, glass beads, luminous paint, so the camera was a natural for me to try – but how expensive! — Marie Menken, c. 1966

“Marie’s films were her flower garden. Whenever she was in her garden, she opened her soul, with all her secret wishes and dreams. They are all very colorful and sweet and perfect, and not too bulky, all made and tended with love, her little movies.” – Jonas Mekas

Films by Marie Menken:

Dwightiana (1959)
Glimpse of the Garden (1957)
Hurry! Hurry! (1957)
Notebook (1963)
Go! Gol! Go! (1964)

Films by Stan Brakhage

Murder Psalm (1981)
Interpolations 1-5 (1992) (35mm)

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