2014 Report

Dear audience members, artists, sponsors, and partners, friends,

As 2014 comes to a close, we at Experimental Response Cinema would like to take stock and give thanks to all of you.

This year we variously presented 36 events, more than double our self-set minimum of 16 per year. We screened over 200 works, and hosted 20 visiting artists and curators: Abby Banks, Stephanie Barber, Gregg Biermann, Michael Bucuzzo, Jason Cortlund, Steve Cossman, Clint Enns, Russell Etchen, David Finkelstein, LJ Frezza, Vincent Grenier, Julia Halperin, Christina Kolozsvary, Kerry Laitala, Jodie Mack, Fiamma Montezemolo, Alee Peoples, Stephen Quinlan, Cosmo Segurson, and Nicholas Tamburo.

We also held our third showcase of Austin-based moving image artists with ERCATX III, where we screened work by Henna Shih-Han Chou & Wiley Wiggins, Bug Davidson, Raul De Lara, Jarrett Hayman, Sarah Hill, Barna Kantor, Tom Rosenberg, Scott Stark, Jeanne Stern, ​Rachel Stuckey, and Daniel Stuyck.

We also began our series of commissioned essays, including an extended essay by Jaimie Baron regarding Gregg Biermann.

Finally, a bunch of us recently traveled to San Francisco as we presented the TEXAS KICK-ASS SAMPLER at Other Cinema.

All of this in addition to our regular program of classic and contemporary moving image works. None of this would’ve been possible without all the wonderful institutions and groups who have worked with us through the year. The ride continues, it’s amazing, and we’re grateful to all of you.

We are currently putting the finishing touches on our Spring 2015 season. We look forward to sharing what we’re lining up for you, and hope to see you at our first event on January 10th:  “SPACE MATERIAL / IMMATERIAL PLACE: Jeremy Moss in Person” at grayDUCK Gallery.

Happy holidays y’all,

Experimental Response Cinema

P.S. – Instead of supporting some giant corporations “freedom of speech”, we would like to remind you that any and all donations go to our artists and to the costs of bringing their individual and vital visions to you. Click here to make a tax-deductible donation via the Austin Film Society.