ERCATX Local Filmmakers Showcase 2017!
Sept. 10

Sunday, Sept. 10
@ AFS Cinema, 6406 N I-35 Suite 3100 Austin, TX 78752 (map)
Tickets $11.25 general/AFS members discount

Join us as Experimental Response Cinema kicks off its fall season with new avant-garde film and video works by local moving image artists. MANY FILMMAKERS IN ATTENDANCE!

Come celebrate the kind of program that shows off the breadth of experimental media artistry in Austin for filmmakers working under the radar of mainstream cinema. It’s a community of innovation, transgression and creative anomaly that has helped put Austin on the world map of avant garde media. It promises to be a fun, inventive and well-attended local event.

co-presented with the Austin Film Society.

Daven Dowse (Excerpts)
Lauren K. Teitz (3:25; 2:30)

Fascinated by the body as site and archive of personal and cultural lineage we dove into the movement research using several modes of inquiry (davening, dissolving, slowing down, molting, trembling) to come back to the site and edge of the body’s innate intelligence.

A new short dance film project sponsored in part by the City of Austin, under the umbrella of Women & Their Work.



Old Light New Love. Andrew Infante (8:13)
At last, Old Light. Thanks for waiting, New Love. Diary film with notes and sketches for SMBFG. A lot of me in a car alone with my camera phone.

Skyfall. Rachel Stuckey (6:00)
Cacophony for Colorizer, Raster Scanner and Phonogene feat. Barbie & Adele. Created while in residence at Signal Culture in Owego, NY.

Virago. Jennifer Lane (8:00)
Virago unlocks the Id of the 1970s educational/industrial film, re-ordering retrograde representations of women into a narrative collage where female army recruits and Mary Kay saleswomen invert the forces of nature to conjure a primal archetype – the Virago. Commissioned by the Aurora Picture show in 2015 for MESS WITH TEXAS, curated by Peter Lucas, this found footage film was made using vintage industrial/educational films from the Texas Archive of the Moving Image.

YOU DRUNK.  Julia Zipporah & Samuel Radue (00: 29)
You’re not fooling anyone.  Rotoscope PSA made by two concerned lovers.

Overlook, Akayla Nandi  (2:00)
Overlook is a visual interpretation of the complex interactions of charged electromagnetic particles from solar winds, ionosphere, and planetary magnetosphere. It is a picture of the oldest light in our universe.

Santa Madre Salvanos. Andrea Zarate (2:39)
An experimental film about death.

First Freedom. Liz Rodda (2:18)
First Freedom pairs an Audi car commercial and stock footage with found and manipulated audio.

Office Diva. Hannah Dubbe (01:48)
Some ladies just don’t know when to quit.  

periphorous (with live trombone). Brian Allen (9:54)
From Japan, Texas and Mexico, “periphorous” is made of photographs, videos and field recordings alongside drawings, animations and a musical score created by Brian, who will be performing live on trombone and other instruments. This version of “periphorous” is fashioned from a longer, 50 minute film which is also the third chapter of “After An Ocean”, Brian’s trilogy of albums, films and books created in counterpoint to one another.

Drive Down Cemetery Rd.
Lucian Lodico (5:01)
A man takes an ill-fated drive down a South Texas road.







She Breathes Underwater. Sheila Scoville (6:34)
A music video, She Breathes Underwater collages still imagery and found footage: vacation movies, marine biology documentaries, promotions for underwater attractions. It is a hallucination based on the sensory shock of visiting the ocean and musing on our evolutionary origins.

you can have my hunger. Jay W Roff-Garcia, Shelby Bohannon  (02:56)
You can take it.

#likes bankrupt_regret. Sean Ripple (10:00) (Live Video Mashup)
an emergent film hosted in a private group on facebook. currently, the film is a first person narrative about a successful social media mogul type who is recounting his past. all imagery and audio is captured using instagram’s story feature, which allows users to capture video 15 seconds at a time as of 6/23/17. scripting is done on the fly. awkwardness and unprofessionalism will abound.