Local filmmakers showcase
Aug. 23

August 23, 2016
AFS Theater, 6226 Middle Fiskville Rd (map)
$10 general / Discounted AFS member rates
(student discounts may be available, inquire)

Join us as Experimental Response Cinema kicks off its fall season with new works by local moving image artists. MANY FILMMAKERS IN ATTENDANCE!

This is the kind of program that shows off the breadth of experimental media artistry in Austin for filmmakers working under the radar of mainstream cinema. It’s a community  of innovation, transgression and creative anomaly that ERC has helped nurture and grow over 4 and a half years of screening avant garde work. It promises to be a fun and well-attended local event.


Entierro, Jay Roff-Garcia, digital, live sound, 5:50, 2016
Sounds sampled from the service and video of the ensuing commute to the funeral grounds. A representation of the revolting tumbling feeling of the in-between, when death has come upon suddenly and as always, with no remorse.

Staten Island Dreaming, Julie Conquest & Camille Gregoire, digital, sound, 4:15, 2016
What dreams do passengers recall as they travel? This video is part of an ongoing project about the dreams passengers recall as they ride the Staten Island Ferry in New York City. The ferry operates a free service to and from Staten Island from New York City’s South Street Station transporting on average 70,000 passengers every day. In the summer of 2015 we rode back and forth on the ferry for about six hours at a time, talking with as many passengers as possible both in transit and waiting for the ferry to arrive or depart. We asked them if they had any recurring or significant dreams they could recall.

#Bills, Andrew Infante, digital, sound, 1:35, 2016
An excerpt from ‘I Want a Best Friend’. When late feelings got you thinking about thing you don’t want to talk about. Parents are mad at you for not driving down for Christmas, and you forgot your dad’s birthday so your mom has to remind you, but a couple months earlier you forgot her’s too, so your sister had to remind you, and they left a voicemail cause they thought you were still on the line, and you love ’em, but you just want to drop out and make movies.

Estrin Tide’s Metaphysical Hacking Tutorial, Rachel Stuckey, digital, sound, 8:00, 2016
The demands of a hyper-employed, 21st century lifestyle have led Estrin Tide to feel frustratingly inadequate. She’s a 9-to-5 library IT employee and a 5-to-9 transhumanist, YouTube vlogger, forum moderator, gamer, and synth-loving New Age hacker who sleeps hyper-polyphasically (15s every 3m!) to keep up with it all. In her Metaphysical Hacking Tutorial, Estrin teaches how you can mentally tap into the subtle energies of WiFi in just a few easy steps.

Slow Dazzle, Liz Rodda, digital, sound, 3:56, 2016
Video shot in upstate NY is paired with slowed audio from a reality TV show and reduced speed disco music.

Typologies of Whiteness: White men cover Robert Johnson’s ‘Hellhound on my Trail’, Heath Schultz, digital, sound, 8:00, 2015
Typologies… is comprised of YouTube videos of white men singing Robert Johnson’s classic Delta Blues song originally recorded in 1937 and juxtaposed with writing excerpts from various black critical theorists calling into question the structural positioning of whiteness.

Bride of Frankenstein, Robert Carey, digital, sound, 7:10, 2016
Still images of several bodies, cut into fragments, flash by in rapid succession.  Freed from their material context, the parts of the body begin to reconfigure themselves and discover new, discomfiting ways of moving and interacting. This film, created with a group of loved ones on cheap equipment in a dark, empty void, is an attempt to find new ways of looking at the body through an over-saturation of representation and a melding of desire and fear.

SEEING AUDIO, Anne Heller & TJ Wade, digital, sound, 4:51, 2016  
SEEING AUDIO is the story of a man with visual impairment and his ability to sing and talk backward.

Last Night, Kent Juliff & Shannon Cloud, digital, sound, 10:00, 2016
A film about family, youth, and capitalist hysteria in the internet-age. When a group of stand-up’s final show on tour is cancelled, they spend a night at one comic’s grandmother’s house where things get wild!!

Super Bowl Parking Lot, Ivete Lucas & Patrick Bresnan, digital, sound, 9:00, 2011
A tribute to Heavy Metal Parking Lot shot in Arlington TX during Super Bowl XLV between the Pittsburgh Steelers and Green Bay Packers.

Traces/Legacy, Scott Stark, 35mm film, sound, 9:00, 2016
Discarded Christmas trees, colorfully arranged flea market finds, a museum of animal kills, microscopic views of kitchenware, and other overlooked cultural artifacts are interwoven with flickering journeys through mysterious, shadowy realms. Traces/Legacy uses a device called a film recorder to print a series of digital still images onto 35mm film. The 35mm projector can only show a portion of the image at a time, so the viewer sees alterations between the top and bottom half of each frame. The images also overlap onto the optical sound area of the film, generating their own unique sounds.


Patrick Bresnan is a visual artist ( and filmmaker. He received his formal education working for notable Mission School artists Clare Rojas and Barry McGee and holds a masters degree in Sustainability from the University of Texas School of Architecture.

Robert David Carey is a writer and filmmaker in the process of relocating to Chicago after several wonderful years in Austin. Most recently, three of his poems were published in Vanilla Sex Magazine. He is a 2016 recipient of the Phyllis Gebauer Scholarship in Writing from the UCLA Extension Writer’s Program.

Julie Conquest creates immersive installations and documentary experiments by using sounds and images that situate the visitor in ethnographic moments. She strives to develop new documentary techniques that feature media recorded in collaboration with
participants. Currently she is working with full time recreational vehicle travelers throughout the United States to document unique aspects of life and community on the road. She is based in Austin, Texas.

Camille Gregoire is an Austin, Texas native and New York City based director, writer and content creator with a driving desire to engage audiences in innovative ways. She loves stories, be they real or imagined (and is especially excited about the intersection between the two). She thrives on the process of distilling compelling ideas into visually rich, uniquely human narratives told with humor and imagination. A graduate of Columbia University’s MFA in directing she is currently working on several virtual reality projects and writing a web-based thriller.

Anne Heller is an Austin filmmaker, musician and founder/ organizer of Yeast by Sweet Beast Fest, Austin’s longest-running experimental and outsider music fest.  She has been directing, writing, shooting, editing, acting and producing experimental and comedy shorts for 20 years.  She wrote and edited 3 feature length music documentaries (SOUND UNBOUND VOLS. 1, 2 & 3) in the mid-2000’s.  She has performed with the famed Austin Theremonic Orchestra, opened for punk noise legend Harry Pussy, played at the Knitting Factory in NYC and regularly performs in various experimental/ psychedelic/ jazz combos.

Andrew Infante is an Austin based filmmaker from The Rio Grande Valley. His new film ‘I Want a Best Friend’ is available through Kinet Media.

Kent Juliff and Shannon Cloud are a filmmaking team from Austin, Texas. Shannon also produces comedy shows in Austin and Kent performs stand up. Shout out to everyone who helped make the movie!!

Ivete Lucas was born in Brazil and started her filmmaking career in Mexico.  She has directed a number of award winning short films, including The Send-Off, which premiered at Sundance ’16 and won jury awards at SXSW and San Francisco Film Festival.

Liz Rodda is an Austin, TX based artist who works primarily with video and sound. She is an Associate Professor of Expanded Media at Texas State University, School of Art and Design.

Jay W Roff-Garcia is a 22 year old artist from Anaco, Venezuela. He came to Austin, Texas at the age of 17 to pursue a degree at the University of Texas in Studio Art with a focus in Video, Installation, and Photography. His original intent was to become a portrait photographer but has shifted towards more video and sound work. His interests lie in poetry, sampling, personal history, social histories, and the synesthetic/misleading qualities of ones memory.

Heath Schultz is a multi-disciplinary artist and writer currently based in Austin, Texas. He is mostly a researcher exploring intersections between radical politics and culture who sometimes finds ways to make his thinking public.

Scott Stark has been making films, videos, installations, live performances and photo collages since the 1980s. His work has shown worldwide at festivals, museums and cinemas, and has garnered numerous awards. He was one of the co-founders of Experimental Response Cinema.

Rachel Stuckey is a moving image artist who works with video and new media to question, parody, and embody technology’s influence on human bodies, minds, and beliefs. She’s a native Austinite, Experimental Response Cinema co-programmer, and director of the Welcome to my Guest Room Digital Artist Residency Program at She holds an MFA in Studio Art from UT Austin and a BFA in Filmmaking from the University of Colorado.

TJ Wade is a consummate musician working in Austin for over 10 years, most notably as front man/ vocalist / keyboardist for Austin funksters Foot Patrol.  He has also performed with D-Madness as The Blind Sign and performed solo works at Monkeytown multi-media extravaganzas.  He began his professional music career as a teenager backing Dwayne Wiggins of Tony! Toni! Tone! as part of Grassroots Entertainment.   He currently performs with various funk, experimental, jazz and punk outfits.