June 13th @ NMASS – ERCATX II

Experimental Response Cinema and the Church of the Friendly Ghost are excited to partner for our second showcase of Austin-based moving image artists! This screening will also be the final Austin screenings of Lyndsay Bloom and Metrah Pashaee before we bid them farewell; please join us for these enormously diverse programs! Featuring work by David Bartner, Lyndsay Bloom, Blair Bogen & Nathan S Duncan, Paul Gansky, Jarrett Hayman, Kirsty Hughan, Caroline Koebel, Patrick Marshall, Metrah Pashaee, Ekrem Serdar, Scott Stark, and Rachel Stuckey.

Event Details
June 13th, 2013
Program I: 5:30pm
Program II: 7pm
@ Salvage Vanguard Theater (map)
$15 day pass / ERC pass / $35 fest pass
Both day and ERC passes will allow you to see all NMASS events taking place on June 13th. Click here to see the program for “How to Build a Fire: Films and Videos by Michael Morris”

Program I

Talking Me by Metrah Pashaee
3:44 min / digital / sound / 2012
Talking Me is a cinematic Dadaist collage comprised of appropriations from online videos. By subtly manipulating preexisting pieces and choreographing these images to a distorted soundtrack, the ultimate effect is a dialogue between rhythm, movement, and language phonetics. One can think of this work as a moving image run-on sentence.

Prompt and Response: Often Blue / Blue Dream / Goddess Triad / Pizza Pals by Blair Bogin & Nathan S. Duncan
6 min / digital / sound / 2013

The Importance of Being Earnest by Rachel Stuckey
2 min / digital / silent / 2013
A brief and potentially humorous mutation of an educational filmstrip for Naval Telegraphers.

Unallocated Spectrum by Paul Gansky
4 min / digital / sound / 2007

Onion Portraits #3 (Gladis) by Patrick Marshall
9 min/ digital / silent / 2013
A movie about my friend Gladis cutting onions (an excerpt from a larger work-in-progress).

never wendy by Kirsty Hughan
14 min / digital / sound / 2010
A remembrance of coming-of-age stories after coming of age.

park film by Ekrem Serdar
5 min / 16mm / sound / 2013
Those who can’t join the streets in Turkey are showing their support by repeatedly turning the lights on and off in their homes,  and banging on kitchenware from their balconies.

Program II

BLUE IN GREEN by Lyndsay Bloom
0:30 min / Super 8mm to HD / silent / 2013

KRAUSE SPRINGS by Lyndsay Bloom
3 min / 16mm to HD / silent / 2011

KISS by Lyndsay Bloom by Lyndsay Bloom
1:31 min / 16mm / silent / 2012

02:31 / 16mm / silent / 2012

GOOD AND GONE by Lyndsay Bloom
7:40 min / 16mm to HD / silent / 2012

FLYING SAUCER DRONE by Caroline Koebel
4:31 / digital / sound / 2013
Flying Saucer Drone posits contemporary American aerial war technology in the context of the Cold War pursuit of ever better weaponry as self-protection, despite the reality that it was the US that dropped A-bombs on civilization. 1950 sources: Rabbit’s Moon (Kenneth Anger), The Flying Saucer (Mikel Conrad), and Flying Disc Man from Mars (Fred C. Brannon). The video is a result of an invitation by Enrico Tomaselli, Art Director of Magmart Festival I video under volcano, to participate in the global project 100×100=900 (100 videoartists to tell a century) http://www.9hundred.org/ for which each filmmaker was randomly assigned a year from the 20th c.—in this case, 1950.

Doors To Your House by Jarrett Hayman
8:33 min / digital /sound / 2012
A wind-driven screen door and a pair of squeaking hinges become an occasion for exploring the more painterly qualities of the video medium, aspiring to isolate the viewer within this mid-afternoon daydream. – JH

Speechless by Scott Stark
13 min / 16mm / sound / 2008
3D photographs of human vulvae are animated and interwoven with surfaces and textures in natural and human-made environments. The genital images were taken from a set of ViewMaster 3D reels that accompanied a textbook entitled The Clitoris, published in 1976 by two medical professionals.