Saturday, Nov. 24th, 2012
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Born in Jacksonville, Florida, Robbie began working in film specifically super-8mm producing animations and live action experiments. Since then, he has worked on a variety of projects from cinematographer at the Florida Lightning Research Facility to teaching college level photography and film production. Currently he resides in Atlanta, Georgia and continues to experiment with various film and sound methods for exhibition of installations, film screenings, performance and photography. Robbie’s work has been exhibited at Kunst Film Biennale in Cologne, Germany, Museum Do Chiado in Lisbon, Portugal, The International Experimental Cinema Exposition in Denver, Colorado, Scientifical Center Espace Mendès in Poitiers, France, Museum of Contemporary Art Georgia in Atlanta and a variety of solo and group screenings and venues.

Robbie Land’s films are personal explorations and musings. These works all develop from his experiences and family history and belong to a long tradition of individual filmmaking in the United States. Neither diary nor documentary, these films are much closer to subjective meditations on their subjects, and as such are more like paintings than the more common and familiar fiction film.

Land will be attending the screening for an introduction and post-screening QandA.


Betty Creek 
16mm / 2006 / 7min / Optical Sound
Various items such as plant life, audio and nightlife have been gathered and applied to the celluloid using numerous methods in order to provide a projected sense of the Appalachian Betty Creek environment.

16mm / 2011 / 7min / Optical Sound
Precipice is an unconventional dance film where the dancers were re-photographed with microscope objective in order to achieve a pointillist texture creating a study of motion. The film examines Kodachrome’s color globules as they gyrate along with the re-choreographed dance movement. The sound track was created by attaching contact microphones to each dancer.

Old Florida 
16mm / 2012 / 5min / silent
Created without a camera, Old Florida is animated with collected family images cut, glued and taped in sequence directly to the celluloid, which provides a unique and personal perspective to the North Florida family settings.

Perforated Lines
16mm / 2012 / 5min / double system snd.
The film provides a record of biking through the city using a unique animation method. Frames from video sequences are cut and glued frame-by-frame and re-animated onto 16mm film in order to present a textured atmosphere of cycling through the residential and urban locations.

New Berlin
16mm / 2012 / 6min / double system snd
“New Berlin” is a seaside village in Northeast Florida and is a location where my family has lived and worked for several generations as ship builders and sea captains. The film provides a personal perspective of this coastal atmosphere, which uses a variety of techniques such as hydrophones and underwater cameras to magnify the beauty of this environment.

Matters of Bioluminescence
16mm / 2012 / 8min / silent
“Matters of Bioluminescence” is a personal documentation of the bioluminescent phenomena. I am utilizing various conventional and unconventional methods to explore and document these organisms and provide a profound perspective.
The film begins with a time-lapse of fireflies and various raw film stocks contained in a glass jar. The second portion of the film is the abstract result the bioluminescent insects create with the light sensitive film. Chapter two consists of foxfire, the glowing mushrooms. Mushrooms are filmed in their environment using time-exposure cameras and therefore demonstrates the waxing and waning of the fungi’s’ luminescence. The mushrooms are also placed directly onto various raw film stocks generating an animated illustration of foxfire as it burns its image into the film.

Beautiful Briny Sea Salt 
16mm / 2012 / 3min / silent
A cinematic exploration with various flavors of sea salt from the beautiful briny sea.

Photosynthesis (work-in-progress)
16mm / 3min / silent
Working title “Photosynthesis” is on-going experiments utilizing the process of photosynthesis, which I basically use the sunlight to print images onto leaves. The images/leaves are attached to celluloid creating an (currently abstract) animation of the rural location where the leaves were collected.