We Need Your Help

ERC is an all-volunteer group dedicated to screening works on the outer edges of cinema to Austin audiences. We always strive to show work on its original presentation format, often with the participation of visiting artists, curators, and scholars. We are not a non-profit, and we work with a tiny grant from the City of Austin, along with the generosity of our partners. Almost all our funds go towards film rentals and artist honorariums, with a small chunk going towards things like chair rentals and program notes.

Over the next two weeks, we would like to ask you to contribute to our second fundraiser; we haven’t had one since early 2013. We’re seeking a small amount – just $2000 – but we need all hands on deck. Along with giving us a bit of room to bring you even more ambitious programming, this fund will help us establish a small “travelling artist fund” to encourage more artists to travel through our city. It may not seem like a large sum, but if you are reading this, it’s your help we need.

Since early 2012, we’ve hosted dozens of visiting artists, scholars, and curators, and have screened and close to 500 discreet works. This has included everything from Chantal Akerman’s seminal Jeanne Dielman, 23 quai du Commerce, 1080 Bruxelles, numerous multi-projector performances, our annual Home Movie Day and ERCATX events, and films and videos culled from distributors, archives, and artists from around the world. We recently held our 100th event, with a double-16mm screening of Andy Warhol’s The Chelsea Girls.

There’s no perks, no gifts, no reason to donate at all – other than YOUR continued desire to see works that push, pull, disassemble, reassemble, expand the boundaries of moving images, and keep Austin as a home for all cinema.

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Progress: $1249 / $2000 (Updated 6/9/2015)

We thank our community in advance for all the support they’ve given us through the years, and hope that you will help us take ERC through the next 100 screenings. Remember, all contributions are tax-deductible via our lovely fiscal sponsors at the Austin Film Society.