April 17th – Filmmakers in Person: Jean Gabriel Périot / Mark Street

Experimental Response Cinema and the Austin Film Society are proud to host a double header with filmmakers Jean Gabriel Périot and Mark Street in person for back-to-back in person presentations! Both screenings will take place at the Austin Film Society screening room – you can buy tickets on the film society website at the links below! We are very excited for this oppurtunity to have both these filmmakers present to show their acclaimed works!

Contemporary French avant-garde filmmaker Jean-Gabriel Périot uses archival footage and photography to develop his emotional and provocative short films, which challenge our understanding of historic events and current affairs. Presented in cooperation with Brooklyn’s Union Docs and the French Cultural Consulate.
Périot’s first travel to the US begins at the Museum of Modern Art, as part of Modern Mondays, organized for the Museum by Sally Berger, Assistant Curator, The Department of Film, MoMA. This national tour We Are Winning, Don’t Forget, is organized by Amélie Garin-Davet and Steve Holmgren, and is presented with support from UnionDocs, The Cultural Services of the French Embassy, Cine2000/French American Cultural Exchange and the Museum of Modern Art. Special Thanks to VTape, film Re-distribution, Heure Exquise, Light Cone, Envie de Tempête, Local Films and Sacrebleu Production.

Mark Street graduated from Bard College (B.A, 1986) and the San Francisco Art Institute (MFA 1992). He has shown work in the New York Museum of Modern Art Cineprobe series (1991, 1994), at Anthology Film Archives (1993, 2006, 2009), Millennium (1990,1996), and the San Francisco Cinematheque (1986, 1992, 2009). His work has appeared at the Tribeca (5 times), Sundance, Rotterdam, New York, London, San Francisco, New York Underground, Sarajevo, Viennale, Ourense (Spain), Mill Valley, South by Southwest, and other film festivals.
His work ranges from the abstract (Winterwheat, 1989; Echo Anthem 1992; Fulton Fish Market, 2004, Trailer Trash, 2008) to improvised narrative feature films (At Home and Asea, 2000; Rockaway 2005).


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Event Details:
April 17th, 2013
AFS Screening Room (map)

We Are Winning, Don’t Forget: Short Works by Jean Gabriel Périot
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$8 General Admission / Free for Make and Higher Members

Short Films by Mark Street
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$8 General Admission / Free for ERC Pass Holders (RSVP by email!) / Free for Make and Higher Members

We Are Winning, Don’t Forget Program:

Nijuman no borei (200000 Phantoms)
10min / video / sound / 2007
Hiroshima, 1914-2006.

The Devil
7min / video / sound / 2012
“You don’t know what we are.” A visual history of the American Civil Rights Movement.

10min / video / sound / 2005
Today’s been sad. Tomorrow won’t get any better. Let’s un-do it all over again.

We Are Winning, Don’t Forget
7min / video / sound / 2004
We are many, we are uniforms, we smile in the pictures, but we are NOT happy.

The Barbarians
5min / video / sound / 2010
If politics were to come back, it could only be from its savage and disreputable fringe.
Then, a muffled rumor shall arise whence that roar is heard: “We are scum! We are barbarian!”
(Alain Brossat)

Even If She Had Been A Criminal…
10min / video / sound / 2006
France, Summer 1944. The public punishment of women accused of having affairs with Germans during the war…

2min / video / sound / 2012
A film about politics and tomatoes.

Before I Was Sad
4min / video / sound / 2002
“Before I was sad” is a very short animation movie about the utopia of integration. It’s the story of a gay man, sad of the gay way of life and trying to be “normal”. The movie shows ironically that integration could destroy all the differences.

Between Dogs And Wolves
28min / video / sound / 2008
A young man, looking for a job…

Mark Street Program:

8min / 16mm / sound / 1989
Made by bleaching, scratching and painting directly on the emulsion of an educational film about the farming cycle. The manipulations of the film’s surface created hypnotic visuals while also suggesting an apocalyptic narrative.

Blue Movie
5min / 16mm / sound / 1994
A smattering of repeated performances culled from old porno films and hand painted. A man bends over a body, but what we really notice is the texture of the wall behind him. A woman stares back at the viewer with annoyance. On the soundtrack Anais Nin declares: “but while I’m doing this I feel I’m not living.”

Sliding off the Edge of the World
7min / 16mm (original from 35mm) / silent / 2000
A stab at depicting fatherhood: fleeting images burst onto the screen only to recede from view just as quickly, suggesting transition and decay. Tendrils of images cluster together and then dissipate. A snowy walk, kids enthuse and infuse my own daily rhythms, affording great joy but also making it clear that all things change all the time.

Collision of Parts
15min / digital video / sound / 2010
Shooting format: super 8mm and 16mm film, stills and video. A kaleidoscopic reverie recorded over a period of five years in various urban milieus. An excavation of the concept of montage: small moments public and private brush up against each other, creating a charged tapestry of the immediate. Inside and outside, motion and stasis, home and travel, light and dark: a series of contrasts struggle to be heard and seen.

Buenos Aires Balcony
27min / video / sound / 2010
An outsider’s meditation on the city of Buenos Aires created during an extended visit. From high above and down on the street, the filmmaker considers the city’s obsession with psychoanalysis, European culture and Eva Peron.

Trailer Trash
5min / video / sound / 2009
A skewed take on film detritus: 35mm movie trailers rescued from the trash and affected by hand and digitally, holding up a funhouse mirror to the industry of expectations.

Vera Drake, Drowning
3min / hd / sound / 2012
I buried a 35 mm trailer for the Mike Leigh film in my garden and came upon it several years later. The vagaries of nature (snow, rain, ice, sun) yielded a scrupulous document of the passing of time. Soundtrack made up of ambient musique concrete and snippets of music sung by women.

Paper Trail (in progress)
5min / video / sound / 2013
An animated tour of old letters; handwriting itself seems so archaic.