Feb 17th – Austin Cinematheque: Films by Rose Lowder


The Austin Cinematheque presents a screening of work by Rose Lowder!

31 min / 16mm / silent / 1979

In Rue des Teinturiers the focus of each image, recorded frame by frame in the camera, is adjusted so that graphic features of items in the street that gives its name to the film are extracted and inscribed onto the film strip in a way which allows their characteristics to be seen, when projected in succession on the screen, as parts of a spatiotemporal situation stretching from a position on a balcony over a canalized river to the road. The film is composed of twelve reels, each filmed on a different day throughout a six-month period, joined together in a slightly nonchronological order so as to avoid accentuating anecdotical aspects of the scene.

BOUQUETS 11 – 20
14 min / 16mm / silent / 2005 – 2009

The ten little films (1 minute or 1440 frames each, with the exception of 23 frames or nearly a second more for n°16), continues the work begun with the series Bouquets 1-10 and 21-30. This consists of weaving in camera visual aspects of the filmed reality in order to bring into existence specific features of the cinematographic image, hopefully placing us on a boundary outside the traditional rôles of description or abstraction.

Content-wise the graphic-aesthetic process is related to social/economical politics and philosophy. Nearly every civilization disappeared due to mayor environmental issues and we are, in heading in that direction, repeating history.
– This summary was written by the filmmaker

3 min / 16mm / silent / 1982

In this film, the focus is successively adjusted frame by frame, on specific plants located in different parts of several contiguous fields of sunflowers. The film shows multiple frames on the screen simultaneously.