Feb. 22nd – Austin Cinematheque: Baille + Strand

The Austin Cinematheque presents a screening of work by Bruce Baillie and Chick Strand!

On Sundays by Bruce Baillie
27.5 min / 16mm / sound / 1961
First film, shot in San Francisco – combination documentary and fantasy, partly portraying a lovely friend, Miss Wong.
“… remembering a potentiality of life which has been overgrown by civilization. …” – Jung

All My Life by Bruce Baillie
3 min / 16mm / sound / 1966
Caspar, California, old fence with red roses.

Cartoon le Mousse by Chick Strand
15 min / 16mm / sound / 1979
“Chick Strand is a prolific and prodigiously gifted film artist who seems to break new ground with each new work. Her recent “found footage” works such as CARTOON LE MOUSSE, are extraordinarily beautiful, moving, visionary pieces that push this genre into previously unexplored territory. If poetry is the art of making evocative connections between otherwise dissimilar phenomena, then Chick Strand is a great poet, for these films transcend their material to create a surreal and sublime universe beyond reason.” – Gene Youngblood

Waterfall by Chick Strand
3 min / 16mm / sound / 1967
One of Strand’s first films, Waterfall is a visual poem made from optically printed, solarized and joyously edited found footage.

Guacomole by Chick Strand
10 min / 16mm / sound / 1976
Poetic surrealism. Approach is experimental in relationship of image and sound. A film about the loss of innocence and the search for the essence of the human spirit. Funded by a Guggenheim Fellowship.