June 14th – Urban Overload + Serdar’s 5 Solids at NMASS

June 14th, 2012
Savage Vanguard Theater (map)

Experimental Response Cinema and the New Media and Sound Summit (NMASS) present an evening of kinetic cinema, with multiple 16mm projector loops and musique-concrete video feeds meshing into a frenetic infrastructure of visual and auditory overload. Loosely themed around the idea of penetrating and surviving inside the seductive toxicities of the urban environment, the program features work by Austin artists Caroline Koebel, Rick Reed and Scott Stark, a special 16mm projector performance by Ekrem Serdar, and many surprises.

Included work:

Caroline Koebel, 2011, 7:45, silent, color, shot on Super 8 and miniDV, available on miniDV and DVD
Inspired by a colony of cliff swallows nesting under a freeway in Austin, Texas, this film considers human-animal interactions through optical rhythms and flight patterns. Birds—cliff swallows as well as thousands of purple martins on their migration path—collide with construction of new freeways to nowhere.

Scott Stark, 2010, 18 mins., digital video, color/sound
Two digital video projectors. The imagery is taken from a double-decker interstate freeway a few blocks from my current residence in Austin, Texas. At certain times of the day, this monstrous structure, which years ago laid waste to a thriving neighborhood and divided the city between the haves on the west and the have-nots on the east, comes alive with a mesmerizing interplay of light, shadow and rapidly moving vehicles. The sequences are all randomly edited using a random sequence generator I developed for Final Cut Pro, with cuts between 4 and 10 frames in length.



5 Solids
A small love flick to the frame. Cine-magician Ekrem Serdar loops up two 16mm projectors with live musical accompaniment for a dazzling ode to geometric shape-shifting.

PLUS! other works found, discovered and in progress…

(Note: Austinites should look through the entire NMASS program to see even more cinematic delights from Steve Cossmann, Jeanne Stern and many others! It’ll be great!)