A colorful room containing a sofa and fire extinguisher is digitally distorted.

SIGHTINGS: selections from the Cosmic Rays Film Festival, 2023

The white outline of a figure seems to leap, arms upraised, against a blue background.
Because the Sky is Blue, Wenhua Shi, 2022. Film still.

Saturday, November 18, 2023

Co-Lab Projects

5419 Glissman Road, Austin TX, 78702 (map)


AUSTIN, what are you doing next Saturday night?

Ohmygoshthatsright it’s EAST!

You’ll be filling your cup with the best art that Austin’s East side can offer, visiting studios and supporting local artists.

A human figure and a large dot are visible in this high contrast, purple and white image.

Come sundown, join ERC at Co-Lab Projects for 75 transcendent minutes of moving images.

We’ll be screening a very special selection of experimental short films from the annual Cosmic Rays Film Festival, based out of Chapel Hill, North Carolina!

These films cut across the generic boundaries of documentary and fiction, the social boundaries of the personal and the political, as well as the material boundaries of cinema itself.

Cosmic Rays Film Festival
A strange black being with two glowing eyes peers out from water through a circular opening.
Sightings, Pere Ginard, 2023. Film still.

See you there, cosmonauts.

Love, ERC

This project is supported in part by the City of Austin Economic Development Department.

Header image: Lockdown Dreamscape, Nicolas Gebbe, 2022. Film still.