Announcing the return of ERC’s Local Filmmakers’ Showcase!

We’re excited to bring back our survey of the best in Central Texas experimental media for what will be its SIXTH edition.

Send us your experimental film and video art!

What: your non-commercial, experimental, up-, down- or sidestream of the mainstream media art, made in 2020 or after, with a running time of 15 minutes or less. Non-exclusive submissions are fine.


(Thanks to Hyperreal pals for tips n’ tricks)
There is a $5 submission fee per video. We will donate that money to, with receipts.

How much: $50-$100 in gratitude to each artist selected for our program as a screening honorarium

When: submission deadline is January 5, 2024, 11:59pm 

Where: We’ll gather together and fête the finalists at ERCATX’s 6th Local Filmmakers’ Showcase, hosted by Museum of Human Achievement on January 25, 2024 at 7pm!

Who: Central Texans. You know, everyone in broadcast range of KOOP radio, or smart enough to wish they were

Why: To nurture our community of “innovation, transgression and creative anomaly,” as a wise Scott Stark once said
Get your submission in! We’re looking forward to your work.

Love, ERC